Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia, sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education, provides online courses to students across the Commonwealth. With 28 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 59 non-AP courses, students have the opportunity to enroll in courses that they may not be able to fit into their regular school day or take advantage of courses that are not currently available in their schools. Most courses are available in a year-long format and/or a 4X4 schedule (which would allow the student to earn the credit within a semester’s time frame).

While students may earn high school credits through the Virtual Virginia program, Virtual Virginia credits may not take students beyond the eight credits per year limit for Virginia Beach students.

Each course is taught by a licensed Virginia teacher who maintains online and phone office hours. Each student is also supported by a school-based mentor, who provides guidance and information to help ensure student success. Required materials are either integrated within the course or are provided by the Virginia Beach Schools.

Virginia City Public Schools may enroll up to 15 students per course with no enrollment fees. All Virtual Virginia enrollments are provided on a first-come, first-served basis pending available openings in each course. If a public school needs to register more than 15 enrollments in a 2020-2021 WA course, participation in the Expanded Enrollment Program will allow them to do so with discounted enrollment fees.

Students who are successful in online classes are generally skilled in the use of technology, are self-disciplined and self-motivated, have good communication skills (reading and writing), and have an interest in interacting with others in an online course environment.

To learn more about Virtual Virginia opportunities, please visit their web site at You should also contact your school counselor for further information and registration information.