Summer Program

The high school summer program provides for credit courses to be taken in order for students to accelerate their program of study or to repeat courses not successfully completed during the regular school year. All course offerings are subject to having sufficient enrollment and certified teaching staff. All students taking a summer school course that requires an end-of-course SOL test must take the SOL test scheduled during summer school, unless the student has already passed the test. Students who have not passed a state assessment may be required to enroll in available summer remediation programs. In support of Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ students who must meet the SOL verified credit diploma criteria, an optional summer tutoring program entitled SOL Summer Fast Track Tutoring is provided. This voluntary program is available to students who have passed their classroom instruction and received Carnegie credit, but have not earned verified credit due to failing the corresponding End-of-Course SOL test. Fast Track Tutoring consists of twenty-five hours of small group instruction culminating in the retake of the applicable SOL test. All SOL Summer Fast Track Tutoring sessions are subject to sufficient enrollment and availability of teaching staff.

Summer school courses not taken in Virginia Beach City Public Schools must meet the requirements for alternative methods for granting standard units of credit. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain written permission from the principal prior to enrolling in such courses to determine the acceptability of subjects taken or credits earned in summer school outside the Virginia Beach school system.