Pre-K Parent Student Course Information

Pre-Kindergarten Storyboard

Essential Questions:

  • How can I work and play with others to investigate and learn about my world? 
  • How can I regulate my emotions and behaviors to be successful at school?

Image Cue

Relate regulate Think Communicate move

Focus of the Story

We will begin our Pre-K journey learning to connect with adults, peers, and our own sense of self. We will build and maintain relationships, manage conflicts, and develop empathy and 


Throughout the year, we will manage our emotions, attention, and behavior. We will understand and cope with emotions, control our behaviors, and 

develop the ability to pay attention, remember, and think flexibly.

Each day, we will think deeply about and the world around 

us. We will observe, investigate, imitate, and think critically about what we encounter and experience.        

Will will continue to communicate with others productively. We will develop the vocabulary and skills needed to both understand and express language.

We will focus on the concepts of early literacy, including print knowledge, writing, and sound awareness. 

In Pre-K we will move our bodies to achieve our goals. We will  develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as the ability to care and make healthy choices for ourselves.

Through this core skill, along with the previous skills, we will continue to prepare ourselves for our next adventure‚Ķ Kindergarten!