Placement / Promotion Procedure

Recommendations concerning instructional placement of students are the responsibility of the teacher and other professional staff directly involved with the students. The final decision concerning placement, however, rests with the principal.

Promotion at the high school level is based on the guidelines listed:

  • Students who are promoted from grade 8 will be placed in grade 9.
  • Students in high school progress toward graduation on a course-by-course basis. Students take courses based upon academic performance, academic needs, graduation requirements, and previous credits earned.
  • Graduation requirements for students shall be those in effect at the time the student entered the ninth grade for the first time.
  • Assignment of class standing is made on the following basis:
    • Grade 9 fewer than five credits
    • Grade 10 at least 5 credits, but fewer than 10 credits
    • Grade11 at least 10 credits
    • Grade 12 at least 16 credits and/or eligible for June graduation