Online Coursework via Virginia Beach Digital Campus

Virginia Beach Digital Campus offers students the opportunity to take courses online to accelerate completion of graduation requirements, recover credits, and balance academic and extracurricular opportunities.

With the exception of face-to-face tutorials, these courses are delivered via computer and the coursework may be scheduled within the school day or accomplished at home. Students have direct access to their instructors by telephone and by communication tools inside the course delivery platform, such as email and instant messaging.

While the content and requirements of online coursework are the same as in their traditional counterparts, online courses require different skills and learning styles than traditional, face-to-face courses. For instance, students enrolled in an online course are responsible for scheduling their own “class time.” Online students must be very focused and self-disciplined. Information about the nature of online learning, the necessary computer equipment, and other aspects of this opportunity can be found on the web page at the Distance Learning link, located on the Programs drop-down menu.

Courses offered in any given school year are dependent on sufficient enrollment and the availability of qualified and appropriately endorsed instructional staff. Information about current offerings is available in the subject area sections of this guide, from the guidance counselor, and online at